Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

Bridging comes into its own when you may lose a deal unless you can complete quickly.

Status or non-status, secured on property, we can offer Loan to Values of up to 75% (more with additional security), with rates from 0.65% per month.

It's a straightforward and speedy process to secure the property you want when time is against you.
We will always assist in a planned exit route as well.

Just send us headline figures with property/land details and we will let you know if we can help.


  • SPEED - we know how urgent bridging situations are and we always respond within 24 hours.
  • OMV - we base our lending criteria on the Open Market Value - not just the purchase price.
  • ADVERSE CREDIT - not a problem. We look at the asset rather than your trading or credit history.
  • EXPERIENCE - We have been in the business since 2002 - so we know the industry well enough to tackle nearly anything.

If you have a specific proposal, please feel free to talk to us on: 01483 608698 or email your proposal to: